Welcome to Thomas & Associates Consulting LLC.

Thomas & Associates Consulting LLC. (TAC), a consulting firm providing Manufacturing and Distribution solutions.

TAC assists companies in streamlining business practices to maximize their investments in manufacturing operations, materials (inventory) management, and distribution.

With over 26 years in manufacturing and distribution environments, TAC brings the experience and expertise to make your business more profitable. With a proven track record in both discrete and custom manufacturing companies as well as distribution, Thomas & Associates Consulting, can and will assist you in enhancing any aspect of your business.

Because Thomas & Associates Consulting does not sell software we can assist those of you looking for a software package in developing an assessment of your company’s needs. We will prepare the documentation for distribution to Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and help you select and implement.

For MAS90/200 resellers and VARs, let Thomas & Associates’ expertise expand your corporate options. We can assist you through the sales cycle, implementation and long-term client support for those manufacturing companies that have - until now - slipped through your fingers.
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With almost 15 years of experience with MAS90/200 and 10 years with Synergistic’s JobOps, we can most certainly help you!

Thomas & Associates Consulting, LLC. is a founding member of the 90 Mindsconsulting alliance which consists of over 20 nationwide independent consulting firms who pool knowledge, contacts and resources on Sage MAS 90 and 200 and related third-party solutions to provide a higher level of service to our collective client bases.